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Surrender and Assisted Rehoming

We are dedicated to helping dogs find the most suitable and compatible homes.

Please read the following carefully. To surrender your dog to Jade’s Dog Rescue you (the owner) must complete the surrender form below. Honest and accurate answers to these questions, combined with a subsequent conversation with one of our representatives, will greatly assist us to decide if we can re-home your dog. Please note that you must be the owner of the dog or have written authority to surrender the dog on someone else’s behalf.

Surrender process

Please note: we only have limited carers who can medium/large dogs or who can provide an ‘only dog home’ to surrenders. If we are not able to find a suitable foster carer for your dog we can help with ‘Assisted Rehoming’ (dog must be desexed / microchipped / vaccinated).

We will review and evaluate the surrender request on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances and temperament of the dog and availability of foster homes.


If the request is accepted, we will schedule the handover and the owner will be asked to sign a C3A Transfer of ownership form. The owner must also submit all vaccination records, chip and medical documents of the dog at the time of surrender.


By surrendering the dog, the owner gives up all rights as the dog owner and will not be able to claim the dog back at any time.

Assisted rehoming process

This is a great option if we do not have any suitable foster carers available and you are able to look after your dog until you can find a suitable new home for them.

What is assisted re-homing?

Assisted re-homing means we will help you to find a new and suitable home for your dog. We do this by posting the information on your behalf on our our social media platforms.

Minimum requirements of your dog

To be able to do this your dog must be:

  • Microchipped

  • Desexed

  • Vaccinations and flea/tick/worming treatment up-to-date


We cannot assist in re-homing dogs that have a history of being dangerous or aggressive.

The process

You write a bio and provide photos and Jade's Dog Rescue NSW will share the information on our social media channels. You (the owner) will manage all enquiries.

Please see our 'Assisted Rehoming' Guide for more information and examples of bios


Complete our
Surrender Form


Complete our
Assisted Rehoming  Form

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