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Adoption process

Start your journey


Adopting a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience for the entire family. There are many things to consider before you bring home a dog. We want to ensure that our dogs are matched with families that will be able to care and provide for the pet for its whole life.

  • Am I prepared to care for a pet for its whole life?

  • Can I afford a pet?

  • Do I understand how to care for a pet?

  • Do I have time to care for a pet?

  • Do I live in suitable accommodation with adequate space for a pet?

  • Am I willing to get the pet desexed?

  • Will a pet fit into my lifestyle and priorities?

  • Are my circumstances likely to change (in the pets lifetime) to a point where I cannot give the pet its best life?

Next, you can start thinking about what type of dog you would like:

  • What breed or size dog? (some breeds need regular grooming, some need a lot of exercise or mental stimulation)

  • Do think a puppy, a young adult or senior dog would best suit your home and lifestyle?

  • Hare there certain attributes you are looking for in a pet?

  • Are there certain attributes that are a deal breaker for you?



  • If you see a puppy or dog that you think would be well suited to your home and lifestyle you can make an enquiry.

  • Please answer our initial questions to help us make the best match for you and the puppy/dog.​

  • Please be patient and understanding - we are a small group of volunteers so we may not be able to respond to every single enquiry.



  • Only applicants that are pre-screened and approved will meet the puppy/dog.

  • The foster carer may wish t chat to you on the phone to get a better idea of what type of dog (size, age, activity level, temperament) will be best suited to your lifestyle and to answer questions you might have. 

  • We can then arrange a time for you to meet the puppy/dog. Meet and greets may take up to an hour to get a feel for 



  • If you would like to proceed let the foster carer know and Download our Application for Adoption Form.

  • You may need to provide extra documentation such as: 

    • Proof of landlord approval to have a dog at your home if you rent

    • Proof of desexing and vaccination status of the existing dogs in your home.

    • Photo ID with your address on it – so we know you are who you say you are

  • Once the adoption fee has been paid you can arrange a time to collect the puppy/dog.

  • You will need to complete Change of Owner Details C3A (Three copies need to be signed, one for us, one for council and one for the new owner).

  • You will be given copies of vet certificates including desexing and vaccinations.

  • If you adopt a puppy that is not yet desexed you will need to sign a 'desexing declaration' agreeing that you will arrange for the puppy to be desexed (at 6 months old) by one of our approved vets. Download our Desex Declaration Form.​



  • Before you bring your dog home you will need to make sure you have bedding, food, dog bowls, blanket/old towels, collar and lead, enrichment toys and training treats, dog shampoo, etc.

  • Have a spot in your home you can use to separate your new pet from other pets (and children) if it becomes necessary.

  • The pet will need time to adjust to your home. They may be stressed on arrival and take sometimes a few weeks to settle in. They may have accidents in your home initially until they are reminded where to go. They may chew things up and grab things off the counter as well. Your best assurance that won’t happen is if you crate them or leave them in a “childproof” room while you are away.

  • The 3-3-3 rule is a handy way to think about how rescue dogs settle into their new home:

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