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It takes a village to make a difference.



HOW LONG? I joined Jade’s in 2019.

FAVOURITE PART OF VOLUNTEERING? My favourite part of fostering is having the opportunity to prepare our pups and dogs for their forever home and giving them a second chance. Fostering is extremely rewarding for me and is something that I have always wanted to do since I was young. All my foster babies have a special place in my heart and I feel so privileged to have the opportunity with Jade’s to help unite them with their forever families.

HAVE YOU FOSTER FAILED? Yes!! We adopted Jay our Staffy x after picking him up to foster at 5 weeks old. He was my first foster pup with Jade’s and after 2 weeks with him we decided that he found our family for a reason and we needed him to stay with us. He is now nearly 2 years old and loves all his foster brothers and sisters that come through our home. Jay is how I came into contact with Jade’s and I thank him everyday as he made my wish come true to be so involved with Jade’s rescue and be apart of such an amazing team of rescuers.

IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE ONE THING IN THE WORLD WHAT WOULD IT BE? If I had the power to change something, I would change the way people treat animals, I would make them to treat them only with love and good. Rescue can be so hard, you can come across so much neglect and cruelty, it’s so unfair as these dogs give such unconditional love and they deserve the same back.

WHO INSPIRES YOU? Who inspires me...definitely our head coordinators and head of Jade’s. You ladies are so inspiring and dedicated, I hope to do as much good in the rescue world as you have. I’m so honoured to be a part of such an amazing team!

TIME TO TELL A SECRET! My funny experience as a foster carer of puppies is that puppies are quick! And I mean really quick sometimes. You have to watch them constantly because the second you turn your back, unless they’re having a nap, they get up to mischief.

I’ve had my slipper disappear and become a new exciting toy that has never existed before, I’ve found evidence of someone sliding in their poop and running it all throughout the house , I’ve found some of my foster pups in the weirdest sleeping positions and spots in the house for example asleep in their food bowl after eating because they were in a food coma - don’t we all feel that way after having a meal front flips down the steps but they bounce back and continue chasing, the lean back pounces and jumps puppies do when playing is hilarious to watch, the list can go on but at the end of the day it is all worth it!!



HOW LONG?Will be a year in June!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF VOLUNTEERING? Seeing the looks on my kid's faces when I have any news on our fosters, past, present or future. Teaching my kids to be the change they want to see in the world, four or eight paws at a time!

HAVE YOU FOSTER FAILED? We have thought about it and come close but no, we haven't. We have two of our own beautiful dogs to love too.

IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE ONE THING IN THE WORLD WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would change the way we show up for the world so everyone treated each other, all living creatures and this earth, with love, respect and kindness.

WHO INSPIRES YOU? Everyone is inspiring in their own way, you just have to look.

TIME TO TELL A SECRET! I probably like your dog more than you! It's not that I don't like you, but your four-legged companion will always be my favourite!



HOW LONG?  Since August 2020, we found Jade’s via a shared post in a dog group from the main page regarding Nitro needing an urgent foster home.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF VOLUNTEERING? My family is back in Canada and I cannot travel to see them or them to me. Jade’s has given me a purpose and an outlet for all this love I have to give! The universe brought Nitro and Jade’s into my life at a time I was really missing home, and fostering, volunteering and connecting with such an amazing group of like-minded animal lovers gave me a sense of community and purpose at a time I needed it most I am so grateful to be a part of this

HAVE YOU FOSTER FAILED? Oh yes, Nitro (RIP my big boy ) and now little Binnie!

IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE ONE THING IN THE WORLD WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would use my power to stop animal abuse. I just cannot understand why or how people can do something so ugly to such beautiful creatures.

WHO INSPIRES YOU? So many people!

  1. My mom, she raised my sister and I to treat others (including animals!) how we want to be treated no matter our differences. Kindness costs us nothing!

  2. My sister, now a PhD in psychology, she worked hard in school to get good grades & scholarships, and stuck to something I never could have done (almost 10 years of Uni ) Dr Sisa is now working in a male-dominated industry but is still never afraid to voice her opinion or speak up when something isn’t right, so proud of her!

  3. All of the beautiful Jade’s volunteers, you all contribute to giving these sweet & vulnerable dogs a second chance at a good life. You all do it out of the goodness of your hearts and collectively we are really making a difference in the world. I am immensely proud to be a part of something so pure & kind.

TIME TO TELL A SECRET! Although I am Canadian, I cannot ice skate, but I can speak a little French!


Elise and Ben

HOW LONG?  Just over a year. We have cared for 5 beautiful dogs during COVID lockdowns.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF VOLUNTEERING? Seeing my foster babies grow in confidence and start to show their quirky personalities. Many have come from terrible circumstances and finally have a chance to just be a dog and be loved. I also love seeing them now living amazing lives with their new families.

HAVE YOU FOSTER FAILED? It was bound to happen sooner or later! Couldn’t bare to part with our beautiful girl Nala!

IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE ONE THING IN THE WORLD WHAT WOULD IT BE? Greed - so many of the world’s problems stem from this - it’s time to end the exploitation of animals for entertainment & money!

WHO INSPIRES YOU? People who are able to create their own success but also stay grounded and give back to others

TIME TO TELL A SECRET! “I need help for my addiction.... buying cute greyhound pyjamas and coat


Stevie -lee

HOW LONG? I have been a foster carer for Jade’s Dog Rescue for approximately 1 year

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF VOLUNTEERING? The final meet and greet when they go off with their new family and you know it’s going to be ok.


IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE ONE THING IN THE WORLD WHAT WOULD IT BE? I’d advocate for more animals rights and harsher punishments for animal abuse.


TIME TO TELL A SECRET! I’m studying to be a vet nurse so I can save as many lives as I can.

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