Who are Jades dog rescue?

Jades Dog Rescue NSW is a group of dedicated volunteers who save dogs in need of all ages and breeds. Our dogs are health checked, vaccinated and chipped and desexed. Small puppies must be desexed at our vet when they are 6 months old unless other arrangements for Desexing are made. All dogs have an adoption fee which is determined by the age of the dog in question. WE DO NOT GIVE AWAY DOGS as we have to pay our rescue’s significant food and medical expenses. Our volunteers use their own time and petrol as well as other resources.

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Where do Jade's dog Rescues dogs come from?

Our dogs are either surrendered to us, come from pounds or rescued due to neglect.

Do you make any profits on your dogs?

No, all our adoption fee's go towards, desexing, vaccinations, flea/Tick/worm treatment, vet health checks & food while in foster care. Some of our dogs require further treatment i.e medication, surgery or dental.

Will the dog I adopt have any health issues?

All of our dogs that come in to care are vet checked at our wonderful vets. They are desexed, wormed and given Flea and tick treatment. Any issues from their health check are disclosed on their profile.

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$750 seems expensive for a puppy OR  $580 is expensive for a 5 year old dog!

NO it is not. All puppies adoption fees are including desexing, 1st  vaccination, wormers, flea and tick treatment and food while in foster care. We have to cover for transportation and Petrol, our dogs often come from rural NSW. 

How do I organise desexing, if I adopt a dog under 10 weeks old.

You need to contact us at 6 months old of age and we will book you in to one of our vets. You can do this via email jadesdogrescuensw@gmail.com or by telephone. 

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