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How do I adopt a dog?

If you have seen advertised as ‘ready for adoption’ and you would like to enquire about adopting it as a pet please follow the enquiry instructions on the profile as they may be different for each dog.

See also our adoption process.

How much is a rescue dog?

The short answer is - “it depends”. Adoption fees help to cover some of the costs associated with rescuing the many dogs that come into our care. 

Where do your dogs come from?

Our dogs are either surrendered to us, come from pounds or rescued due to neglect.

Do you make any profit?

No, 100% of the money we receive (including adoption fees, donations and community grants) go towards desexing, vaccinations, flea/tick/worm treatment, vet health checks and food while in foster care. Some of our dogs require further treatment i.e. medication, surgery or dental.

Will the dog I adopt have any health issues?

All of our dogs that come in to care are vet checked at our wonderful vets. They are desexed, 

wormed and given flea and tick treatment. Any issues from their health check are disclosed prior to adoption.

How do I organise desexing if I adopt a puppy?

Desexing at one of our nominated vets is included in the adoption fee. You will need to contact us when the puppy is 6 months of age and we will book you into one of our vets.

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